I’ve heard only great things about Barry’s Bootcamp, the high-intensity cardio and strength workout that’s hugely popular in NYC, LA, and Miami.  Barry combines H.I.I.T. on the treadmill with rigorous weight lifting and loud music for a fast-paced and calorie-torching workout. Living in San Francisco, I’ve never been to one of these classes, but this Spring, Barry is coming to the city, and I’m very excited to try it out!

In honor of the upcoming Barry’s Bootcamp opening, I tried a Barry-inpsired Treadmill H.I.I.T. this week and loved it. It was a challenging 30 minutes, but it flew by: changing speed or incline every minute really keeps you on your toes( literally). This workout is another example of how effective H.I.I.T. is at keeping the heart working: even though ~50% of this workout is done at a walk or jog, my heart rate stayed high.

This is meant to mimic the style of H.I.I.T. done in Barry’s Bootcamp, so to emulate the full class, try following your run with a total body weights workout like the 18 min Body Blast below

Barry’s Bootcamp Inspired Treadmill H.I.I.T. (from Fitsugar)




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    How did your half go?

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