What you’ll need

  • White index cards or similar sized cardstock

  • 1-3 different papers in Valentines colors (I used dark pink polka dots, light pink, and hot pink)

  • Pink or red and white striped paper (for Bumblebee’s stripes)

  • Ballpoint Glue pen

  • Fine tipped black pen

  • Loose red or dark pink glitter

  • (Optional) red or pink cardstock for card backing

  • (Optional) envelopes

This year I wanted to make a cute and silly card reminiscent of corny Valentine’s puns. My first thought was to do “I choo choo choose you” trains, but I was concerend about the amount of shapes needed. “Bee Mine” Bumblees seemed much simpler – and despite the somewhat long sounded list above, were actually quite simple to make!

1. Cut out Bumbleebee shaps

  • I used four different colors/patters for the Bee, but you could also do it with just 1 if you draw stripes on the belly

  • You need: 1 circle for the Bee body, 1 smaller circle for the head, and two hearts for the wings. Easy!


2. Assemble the bee!

3. Add antenae , eyes, and stinger using black pen.


4. Using a glue pen, add hearts on your antenae, and write your Valentine’s name and message. (I Choose “Bee Mine?” since I was making quite a bunch, but “Bee my Valentine” is even better).

5. Pour glitter over your card, using a bent piece of cardstock underneath to easily catch and pour the glitter back into the pot.


6. Optional – Mount your white index card on a piece of colored card stock for added heft and color.



  1. Caroline says:

    This is so adorable! Where’s mine?!

  2. Nuala says:

    I ❤️it!

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