Not every day is a HIIT sprint kind of day, both literally and figuratively. I call this a “Slow Burn” elliptical workout because you don’t have to move very fast to get a great cardio workout. The high resistance means your heart rate stays quite high (in the 160s throughout: “hard” cardio level on my HRM), and the variation makes the time fly by. This is the perfect cardio routine if you’re not really feeling it – you trick yourself into working pretty hard. I went into it planning to do only 20 minutes and ended up doing 40!

elliptical workout

This looks complicated but it’s just minutes 10 – 20 repeated as many times as you feel like.

I was feeling good after completing the surprise 40 minute cardio, so I ended up doing this great full-body strength routine from @iamfitmiss. It took about30 – 35 minutes and was a good mix of upper and lower body work.

Screen Shot 2014-02-13 at 5.56.45 PM



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